Rotem Cohen—Soaye   ︎   Graphic Designer





In anticipation of the transition to the National Library's new building, I was aksed to design a fresh visual identity for the National Library of Israel. The concept revolves around a series of elegant lines that artfully evoke the imagery of books aligned on a shelf. This design draws inspiration from the rich worlds of textual tradition and the graceful lines of the tallit.

Our visual identity is a dynamic system that seamlessly adapts to various formats, all while maintaining a profound reverence for the textual content and the breathtaking imagery that showcases the treasures of the National Library. Our aim was to complement and enhance these treasures, ensuring they remain the center of attention without any distractions.

In our contemporary era, the National Library transcends its traditional role as a repository of books. To narrow its scope to mere printed books would be an injustice to its extensive and diverse range of contributions. The library collects music, art, sound and video recordings, and places great emphasis on education, preservation, cultural events, digital content and more. 

Today, the National Library stands as the largest, most vital, and dynamically active cultural institution in Israel, weaving together a rich tapestry of knowledge and creativity.

We placed significant importance on developing a trilingual branding approach with a unified hierarchy, one that not only embodies the core values of our brand but also pays due respect to the three languages involved. This approach crafts a structured spectrum, mirroring the construction of knowledge and the vast cultural and historical riches housed within the library's collections.

Logo animation:
Dvir Aviram, Sequence